Oakville Executive Golf Courses

Policies & COVID-19 Protocols

The physical distancing requirement of 2 meters is mandatory for everyone on the property, and face masks are mandatory when inside the Pro Shop and Clubhouse, (face masks are mandatory for junior camp participants and staff at all times, inside and outside).  Only golfers are permitted on the course – no caddies, no spectators, no walkers.

Tee Times and Arriving at the Course

We have increased the interval between Tee Times in an effort to lessen the number of people arriving and checking in for their game at the same time. Only golfers with a booked tee time are permitted on the property. We have moved to “On-line Booking” and tee times can be booked at https://oakvillegolf.ca/book-online/ If you are booking for more than four golfers, you must make two tee times with two different accounts, if you are a single player please call the Pro Shop and we will book you in. Golfers are asked to arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to their tee time.

At this time, the Clubhouse will remain closed, with the exception of the Pro Shop and Washrooms. Our Patio is open for food & beverage service on a first-come, first-served basis, maximum of 4-people per table.  The time limit for table service is 40 minutes.  Patrons are only permitted on the Patio if they are seated at a table. We have increased sanitation in public spaces and commonly touched areas. We encourage golfers to be proactive and responsible for bringing your own hand sanitizer, water or other personal items for use while golfing.

Checking in for your Round

Customers must “self-screen” before entering the Pro Shop – a sign is posted outside the Pro Shop so that customers can assess their state of health and exposure. If any questions are answered “yes”, entry into the Pro Shop and Clubhouse is not permitted. Only FOUR customers are allowed in the Pro Shop at a time – we have decals on the floor, placed 2 metres apart to assist in keeping space. Plexi-glass has been installed in the Pro Shop to help protect our staff and guests.
The Pro Shop is Cashless; only debit / credit transactions will be accepted and terminals will be sanitized between customers.
Upon checking in, golfers will be directed to the “On-Deck” waiting areas by the first tee of the appropriate course. Please follow all signage and respect the guidance of our staff. Following all instructions will ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all our staff and guests.


Pull carts and clubs are available for rental and will be cleaned and sanitized for every user.

Power carts are available for rent when ground conditions permit. In accordance with government guidelines, we have installed cart dividers to accommodate two-riders on one power cart. Carts and clubs must be dropped off for sanitizing in the designated area after use.  Two people riding together in a power cart who do not live in the same household are REQUIRED to wear a mask whether the cart has a divider or not.  Two people who live in the same household are NOT required to wear a mask.  Single riders in power carts are not required to wear a mask.

Removal of Frequent Touch Points on the Course

All frequent touch-points such as bunker rakes, ball washers, and water coolers have been removed from the course. Play preferred lies in sand traps and smooth sand with your foot before exiting the bunker. Flagsticks are not to be touched – we have installed “cup lifters” so your ball will drop into the hole, and then using your putter and the cup lifter, you will be able to retrieve your ball. We still encourage 2′ gimmies 😊

On-Course Amenities

On-course Washrooms will remain open, they will be disinfected regularly, we request your help in keeping these amenities as clean as possible.

Playing & Post-Round Protocols

Keep your distance from your playing partners – no high five’s, fist bumps or handshakes. No sharing of equipment. Maintaining physical distancing while walking down the fairway, searching for lost balls, and playing on the greens is mandatory.
No tailgating in the parking lot before or after your round.
Our course marshals will ensure that all golfers are adhering to the policies set above.
Due to the fluidity of COVID-19 we respect the right to add to, or amend, any of these guidelines. We will update this page as soon as possible to reflect any changes. We believe strongly that if everyone complies with these simple rules, golf can serve as a great outing with physical distancing built in, and will not contribute to the spread of COVID-19.
If you have any questions or concerns, please call Katrina or Alexandra at 905-875-3932